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Courses Offered

1 Day Registry Review Course

This is only for the board-eligible polysomngraphic technologist preparing for their exam.

The following topics will be covered:

  • AASM Scoring Rules (based on current/required version)

  • International 10-20 Electrode Placement System

  • Clinical Guidelines to Manual PAP Titrations (CPAP/BPAP)

  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test & Maintenance of Wakefulness Test

  • Mathematical Computations for Generating a Polysomnographic Report

  • Overview of BRPT exam

  • Extensive Question and Answer Session

NOTE:  Eligibility for the RPSGT credential (Asia/Middle East candidates):

RPSGT Pathway 2:

Healthcare Credential. For candidates with a minimum of 546 hours of experience and who have another healthcare credential.

RPSGT Pathway 5:

International Option. For international candidates with a minimum of 546 hours of experience in the field.

Since all polysomnographic technologists working in this region possess a college degree and generally in the healthcare field, they would qualify under either Pathway #2 or Pathway #5.  For more information, please download the eligibility criteria and the RPSGT Handbook at


​​​Philippines Based Candidates

Cost:  PHP 8200.00/student

Minimum number of students: 4

U.S. Based Candidates

Cost:  USD 350.00/student

Minimum number of students: 6

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